U.S. Virgin Islands Spends Millions to Get On Consumers’ Radars

From the launch of a new website earlier this year to its decision to host the ongoing Small Hotels Retreat, the U.S. Virgin Islands is pulling out all stops to remain on agents’ radars. And now the destination is plunking down $6 million in advertising to do the same for consumers.

The U.S. Virgin Islands Tourism Department has begun a six-week run of new television commercials on CNN and CNN Headline News -- reaching a large national audience. As part of the department’s advertising package, more than 300, 30-second television spots will air. The ads will feature the "You, Unscripted" theme developed this past year and unveiled in June. The "You, Unscripted" slogan embodies the territory's new brand, which focuses on the visitor's desire to create their own, unique vacation experience, Tourism Commissioner Beverly Nicholson-Doty said at the launch in June that Travel Agent was on hand for.

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