UK Hotels See Decline for First Half of '09; Figures Better for June


Preliminary figures for June show that occupancy levels in London have begun to increase again, but the regions continue to suffer.

Between January and June this year, London hoteliers experienced a 7 percent decline in rooms yield compared to the same period last year. This was a combination of a 0.8 percent fall on occupancy and a 6.6 percent drop in room rate from $209 last year to $195.79 this year. In June, however, occupancy increased 1.4 percent on the same month last year, jumping from 84.2 percent to 85.5 percent.

In the region, year-to-date figures at the end of June show a 15.8 percent decline in rooms yield from $78.83 to $68. Occupancy was down 6.9 percent and room rate down 7.3 percent. In June, room rates were down 8.0 percent from $109.27 to $118.70; occupancy down 4.2 percent while rooms yield was down 13.4 percent from $89.10 to $78.56.

Edinburgh was the only city in the survey to record year to date growth in occupancy compared to the same period last year. Occupancy grew 0.2 percent from 71.5 percent to 71.7 percent. Room rate dropped 5.9 percent and rooms yield 5.7 percent, but with occupancy increasing again in June by 0.9 percent from 83.6 percent to 84.4 percent.

Cardiff and Manchester were the only other regional cities in the survey that managed to achieve an increase in occupancy in June. Cardiff was up 0.2 percent from 81.1 percent last year to 81.3 percent this year, while Manchester increased 0.5 percent from 76.8 percent to 77.3 percent.

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