Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 25 Presents Freddy vs. Jason

freddy and jasonThis year, Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 25 is featuring two iconic killers. From September 18 through November 1, visitors will be able to watch in horror as A Nightmare on Elm Street’s Freddy Krueger and Friday the 13th’s Jason Voorhees come to life. 

Guests will be able to walk through Freddy’s nightmares on Elm Street, see Jason Voorhees at Camp Crystal Lake, witness infamous kills and run from the iconic characters during the event. 

Travel agents booking Halloween Horror Nights 25 for their clients have the option to choose from single-night haunted house tickets, add theme park tickets or get access to up to 18 nights of the horror show. Agents can also book all-inclusive packages for their clients, including a three-night onsite hotel accommodation at Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort that features a one-night ticket to Halloween Horror Nights 25, two-day Park-to-Park tickets, Early Park Admission and more. The package starts at $165 per adult and includes tax.

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