Vail Resorts Launches One-Time Check-In

Skiing down Colorado mountainVail Resorts, Inc., has streamlined the guest registration and check-in process for a more efficient experience when purchasing lift tickets, season passes, ski and snowboard school lessons and equipment rentals across the company's seven resorts.

With the new service feature coming this winter, guests of Vail Resorts only need to provide their information once, making the process of getting onto the mountain faster and easier.

"We go to great lengths every day to deliver the experience of a lifetime to our guests, and even the smallest and seemingly simplest of details is critically important to get right," said Robert Urwiler, chief information officer of Vail Resorts. "We know they just want to get on the mountain to carve those first few turns and now we're going to get them up there faster."

Once a guest has provided their information, Vail Resorts' integrated systems will communicate across its various lines of business, removing any redundant on-site paperwork or data collection.

The new feature will enable Vail Resorts reservations staff to quickly locate guest information and provide more personalized service based on what was previous purchases during trips. It will make checking into ski and snowboard school and purchasing equipment rentals, and on-mountain registration process much easier.

In the next several years, Vail Resorts plans to expand its personalized guest service experience with this feature to other on-mountain activities, as well as lodging, clubs and transportation.

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