Vanessa Ledesma-Berrios Becomes the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association's First Female COO

Emil Lee, president of the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA), recently announced that longtime employee Vanessa Ledesma-Berrios has been promoted to chief operating officer (COO) making her the first female to hold such a commanding  position within the CHTA headquarters staff.

"The appointment of a female to the position of COO is an important milestone for CHTA," said Lee in a written release.

Ledesma-Berrios will work along with CHTA's new executive team comprised of Frank Comito, chief executive officer, and Matt Cooper, chief marketing officer, to execute the association's strategic plans and serve the 32 members of the National Hotel Association and more than 600 hotels and 300 allied members.

Ledesma-Berrios has been with the association 16 years serving as director of operations and events prior to her appointment as COO. Previously she was CHTA's conferences and events director. She joined CHTA following her work with Maritza Negroni & Associates as a meeting planner and then conference organizer from 1995 until being hired by CHTA in 1999.