Vegas Summer Sale

With the economy in a freefall, panic is striking Las Vegas hotel managers. Turns out that one of the first things people are cutting back on in these recessionary times is their trip to Vegas. Or if they’re not cutting it out, they’re shortening it up.

Even more worrisome is the fact that the convention season slows down to almost nothing by August. It’s got the major casino corporations in a tizzy.

On the other hand, you and your clients can reap the benefits of this panic. Resorts are slashing prices to lure people into the guestrooms. Las Vegas is on sale. Of course, they’ll have to face that steamy desert sun, but these days it’s possible to never even go outside during a few days’ stay.

Look for the best bargains from Sunday through Thursdays. On the weekends, rooms are still full from people driving in from southern California. As of March, the latest stats from the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority show room rates were down 2.7 percent to an average of $132 per night.


MGM Grand

Since then, the price of gas has continued to rapidly rise and people are feeling much more pressed. With increased supply and less demand, room prices are continuing to freefall. For example, MGM Grand has prices in July and August that may be $200 on a Saturday but they are low as $90 from Sunday through Wednesday. Luxor has rooms selling for as low as $70 this summer that are almost $200 on weekends. Excalibur, which is getting all new rooms, has deals as low as $59 a night while Stratosphere is running 15 percent off specials that have rooms going for as little as $38 or less.

Also be sure to check out the package deal promotions on the respective hotels’ websites. They throw in other goodies too like spa discounts and VIP nightclub passes. Sometimes they even include better room rates.

And don’t worry about all those expensive meals and shows. Tix 4 Tonight offers show tickets and dinner deals at up to 50 percent off. That includes Cirque Du Soliel shows and headliners like Gordie Brown.

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