Vegas Survival Strategies

While spending a few days in Las Vegas is definitely exhilarating, it can also be exhausting. When a city is crackling with energy like this desert oasis, it tends to make people want to jam a week’s worth of fun and play into stays averaging just three days. That makes for a lot of weary travelers fantasizing about having a few days more to sleep it off rather than heading back to real life.

And since we’ve been to Las Vegas so much, we’ve learned clever ways (some the hard way) on how to maximize the fun while minimizing those painful repercussions. Ultimately, the ideal Las Vegas vacation will leave your client fulfilled and wanting more, but not so broken down they’ll be too tired to get back to work.

Rule #1: Drink tons of water. That desert heat has a tendency to sap the water out of a person’s system. They may even be dehydrated without knowing it, so urge your clients to drink as much water as possible. It’ll cut down on headaches, aches and pains the next day, too.

Rule #2: Schedule a nap. While most people scoff at this notion, taking a break between day and evening activities is essential to help truly maximize energy levels. It’s especially true for sun worshippers lolling about all afternoon, or for those that run from one resort to another in an attempt to see as much as they can. If a nap is not possible, just lying down in a darkened room for 30 minutes will make a huge difference. It’ll chase away that horrible sleepy feeling that will hit in the middle of having a good time.

Rue #3: Gauge that food intake. One of the biggest rookie mistakes we’ve seen are people booking a big steakhouse meal at 7 p.m. and then expecting to dance till dawn. Truth is, it will weigh you down and make it tough to make it through the night. Instead, tell your clients to save the steak dinner for before a show instead. If your clients are going out late, suggest they eat a light meal like sushi or salad. They’ll feel full, and still have some going out gusto.


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