Waikiki Beach Walk Expands Online Presence for Asian Clients


Outrigger Reef on the Beach

As if agents needed more proof that both Hawaiian carriers and resorts are aggressively expanding their Asian reach, clients from Japan, China and Korea can now learn about Waikiki Beach Walk online in their own languages prior to arriving in Hawaii.

Outrigger Hotels and Resorts, which markets Waikiki Beach Walk, has joined efforts with PacRim Marketing Group to host pages featuring the retail center, its stores, restaurants, and activities utilizing PacRim’s three proprietary Asian language websites about Hawaii.

Each site has a strong following and an established fan base. Hawaii Arukikata is the largest commercial website about Hawaii in Japanese, with more than 600,000 views per month, while the newer Korean and Chinese websites are growing in popularity. Updated daily, the sites promote Hawaii’s news, events and activities through live interviews with Asian travelers, feature stories, and videos.

Produced by PacRim Marketing Group, the new Waikiki Beach Walk web pages include photos, video, a directory, and a map, giving retailers and restaurants an opportunity to place advertorials and be featured with photos and video.

Content on each of the Asian language websites is updated daily by PacRim Marketing Group editors, who also interact online with followers and live feeds from Twitter or associated blogs in Chinese and Korean, and YouTube. All three websites host digital advertisers, advertorial, and sponsorships from U.S. based companies wanting to increase share and spend from Asia.

Visit www.outriggerenterprisesgroup.com and www.outrigger.com.

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