Waikiki Hotel Opens First Kimukatsu Restaurant Outside of Japan

Great news for lovers of one Japanese delicacy: Kimukatsu’s tonkatsu is now being served in the U.S., at the newly opened Kimukatsu Waikiki at the Aston Waikiki Joy Hotel. Kimukatsu Waikiki is the restaurant’s first location outside of Japan.
Head chef Masaki Ikeda uses prime choice pork, sliced paper-thin and stacked into 25 layers, then covered with fresh breadcrumbs and slowly fried at low temperature. The natural juices are sealed between the layers, making it extremely juicy and flavorful. Each order comes with rice, cabbage salad and miso soup.
The hotel is also offering special rates for the next few months, with rooms starting at $103 per night through June 30.
For more information visit www.AstonWaikikiJoy.com.