Waikiki's Hawaiiana Hotel to Close?

The Honolulu Advertiser is reporting that employees of the low-rise Hawaiiana Hotel on Waikiki's Beach Walk have told guests that the 54-year-old property will be shut down as a hotel in the wake of two of three property owners facing financial troubles.

According to the article, Honolulu developer and property manager Peter Savio said he heard that the hotel operation, in existence since 1955, is being phased out this week.

Employees at the hotel yesterday declined to comment on the closing but told some guests that they would need to pay about $45 more each day and told others that they'd have to leave the hotel later this week. The hotel charges $125 to $215 a night, according to its website.

Savio said he'll put up any existing guests at cost to be a good neighbor but will have to ask for some money to cover his expenses.

One of the three landowners sold the building, and the person who bought it plans to close the hotel, Savio said. "It was a foreclosure on the land lease."

Savio said he would take over and manage the property if something could be worked out.