Zombies Take Over New York New York City Jail in Las Vegas

In the latest supernatural news, things are not so safe and secure at the city jail at the New York New York Casino (NYNY) in Las Vegas. The guards, the inmates and anybody who is in the precinct building have been taken over by a spell cast long ago, just in time for Halloween.

Word has it that inmate #13 cursed the NYNY precinct during the final words of his execution in the precinct's electric chair, shouting "Tonight, the night of my death, all who dwell in this prison of torment and torture will turn to darkness and live as creatures of the night forever!"

As if on cue, the inmate got some extra electrocution when a huge bolt of lightning struck the prison at the exact moment the execution took place. The precinct has since been closed to the public by city officials and they have not yet released a statement on the matter, but rumor has it that everyone in the building was transformed into zombies and mutants.

As terrifying as this may be, Vegas is, of course, going to take advantage and make som extra bucks. This Halloween, the gates to the precinct in the NYNY will be open in hopes of finding the answers behind the stories. The casino is seeking fright seekers to act as official investigators and find the key to breaking the curse of the inmate (if it exists) while avoiding the inmates and guards as they have been transformed into zombies.

Those with heart conditions or are affected by strobe lighting and theatrical fog, in addition to pregnant women and people who suffer from panic attacks, seizures or complications that may effect themselves or those around them in any way are advised to stay out of the matter. The attraction is rated for parental assistance for children 12 years of age and younger.

New York New York "Zombie Precinct" Midweek Packages begin at $101 per night for a two night minimum and includes a Park Avenue Strip View Room, two Haunted Bridge admissions, two Rok Vegas Nightclub admissions, and two Roller Coaster passes.

Visit the NYNY website for more information on breaking the curse.