Egypt Update

Last week, the Minister of Tourism for Egypt, H.E. Mounir Fakhyr Abdelnour issued a statement regarding tourism to the country at this time. Read on for his statement:

Since the latest developments that put Egypt on the path of real democracy and fulfillment of the Egyptian people’s aspirations, we have been receiving positive signals from various countries, especially European governments that lifted and/or softened the travel warnings, allowing their citizens to travel to Egyptian destinations in Sinai, Red Sea and Upper Egypt (Luxor, Aswan).

With this favorable climate, the Ministry of Tourism has intensified its contacts and dialogue with business partners both inside Egypt and abroad and is initiating steps to take part in major world tourism fairs to spread the message that 1) Egypt is a safe and secured tourist destination, 2) Life is coming back to normalcy and 3) Egypt, more than ever, beckons tourists and tourism investors to enjoy Egypt’s unique treasures, stability and guaranteed profitable investments in the tourism sector.

Egypt’s new creative and revolutionary spirit will be translated into clear strategies and action plans to restore Egypt’s tourism market share in total cooperation with tour operators worldwide who have shown their loyalty, love and devotion for Egypt.

The Ministry of Tourism realizes the power of modern communication technology and the value of using on-line and social media to take Egypt’s marketing messages globally and will utilize these tools extensively in the future.

We are proud that Egypt has now restored its active role in shaping the present and the future of the world and we appreciate the worldwide support for Egypt....the land “Where it all begins” and the land where you will always find “new beginnings”.