Emerald Club to Launch in Mexico

National Car Rental is bringing its award winning Emerald Club to Mexico, with the new Emerald Club Priority Service. From June 30th, All major Mexican airports will benefit from this service and it marks the first phase of the program’s expansion into Latin America and the Caribbean.

The priority service will allow travelers to accelerate through the car rental process by offering an exclusive Emerald Club member’s line at the service counter. Members will also benefit from a selection of vehicle choices, vehicle upgrades according to membership level, and rental credits toward free days and higher membership levels.

Membership to the Emerald Priority Service will be complimentary to all national remembers. Individual travelers don’t have to miss out though, and can enroll themselves in the program throughout the nationalcar.com website.

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Members of Emerald Club are assured a midsize or above vehicle at at the reserved midsize rate. Emerald Club members at the Executive level and above are guaranteed a full-size or larger vehicle at the reserved midsize rate. In addition, Emerald Club members can choose to receive EmeraldAlertsSM – emailed communications that include Arrival Alerts. Members can also choose to earn either free rental days or frequent-traveler miles or points with one of National’s airline or hotel partners.

National currently operates in 23 countries in Latin America and plans to introduce the Emerald Club program in further countries in the region later in 2014 and beyond.

Visit :www.nationalcar.com.