Expedia Inc. Shows Increased Travel to Argentina

Expedia, Inc. released positive growth data this year in bookings to Argentina and tips on how to continue the trend at the annual Feria Internacional de Turismo (FIT).

"Argentina is an increasingly popular travel destination, with growth of more than 80 percent in the number of bookings to Argentine hotels this year versus 2010," said Marco Tagliatti, Expedia vice president of lodging for Latin America.  "The growth is coming from international travelers, who are traveling in the greatest numbers from the U.S., Brazil, the U.K., Australia and Spain."

Expedia has a hotel market management team dedicated to working with hotels in Argentina. Expedia market managers provide strategic counsel and market insights to their hotel partners. Current recommendations for local hoteliers include: incorporate a mobile booking channel. Expedia has seen strong growth in bookings made via its mobile channels, especially in metropolitan areas as more consumers around the world use mobile devices to book their hotel stays. Secondly, look to international travelers as a source of new, incremental demand. According to Expedia, some of the strongest demand for travel to Argentina is coming from Europe and Asia-Pacific, with each region growing between 50 to 125 percent over the past year.

In addition, local tourism boards such as Inprotur have partnered with Expedia Media Solutions, to promote Argentina as a tourist destination to international travelers. Expedia's cost-per-click product TravelAds has also been especially helpful in extending visibility for hotels, with participating properties experiencing average returns of 10 times their investment.

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