Families Welcome at Affinia Hotels

Ciao Bambino, a specialist in discovering family-friendly hotels, recently visited Affinia's Affinia Chicago and Affinia 50. See what founder, Amie, has to say.

"I was introduced to Affinia Hotels last summer in Chicago. After walking into the lobby it was immediately clear to me that I just uncovered another one of those stand out boutique chains that found a way to create a unique, quality hotel experience for those traveling with and without kids. We've since added both the Affinia Chicago and Affinia 50 into New York to the Ciao Bambino portfolio.

"The dedicated family-focused amenity program My Family is offered across their properties. After staying at a few Affinia hotels now, the atmosphere and decor between properties is not consistent, but that brand is working hard to create a comfortable guest experience. Those on Ciao Bambino are located in unbeatable areas for sightseeing with kids and Affinia is now on my short list for brands to review in other locations including Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia."