Germany Update: Munich Airport Gets Free Wi-Fi

Good news for travelers flying to, flying from or just passing through Munich: A new service at Munich Airport now lets passengers and visitors access the Internet free of charge for as long as they want on their smartphones, laptops and tablets.  

In the past, WLAN internet access at Munich Airport was free of charge only for the first 30 minutes. Now, the airport hotspot has been upgraded in cooperation with provider Deutsche Telekom to allow unlimited free access.

Connected visitors can open a browser on their mobile device or select "Telekom" under the available networks in the device settings. A Telekom start-up page will open immediately. A link takes the user to the Munich Airport sign-in page (Flughafen München GmbH) for a quick and easy registration.

To make web surfing even easier on future visits, users will be able to set up access using their own e-mail address. Details will be sent by e-mail following the first-time use of the WLAN network. Once a user is registered, unlimited access will be available on future visits without having to register again.

A few months ago, Munich Airport was ranked number one among Europe's airports and number three worldwide in a global survey of approximately 13 million passengers.

Photo courtesy Flughafen München GmbH