Giving Back Together


A&K Family Philanthropic Journey, Kenya

In Kenya, a child on an A&K Family Philanthropic Journey plays with local children


Families are increasingly seeking vacations that let them give a little something back to the global community. In fact, with more than 79 percent of U.S. adults (according to travelhorizons data) considering themselves environmentally conscious and more aware of terms such as carbon footprint and global warming, travelers are beginning to make decisions based on sustainability criteria—and taking their families along.

One tour operator that makes this possible for your clients is Abercrombie & Kent, whose Family Philanthropic Journeys focus on conservation—both cultural and ecological—and humanitarian relief efforts. Families can, for example, experience an African safari and are also given the chance to contribute to local community projects. Other environmental trips from A&K include the Sam’s Brothers Clean Water Project in Cambodia; beekeeping in Mwika Village, Tanzania; and the Kiwi Encounter in New Zealand, which affords the opportunity to sponsor the hatching and raising of endangered kiwi chicks. (For bookings, contact a Philanthropic Journey specialist at 800-554-7094.)

Jorie Butler Kent, president of A&K Philanthropy and vice chairman of A&K, says, “As travel increasingly becomes about the things money cannot buy—shared experiences and treasured memories—more and more of our guests want to make a personal connection and a positive contribution to the places they visit.”