GOGO Worldwide Vacations Debuts Travel Agent Tool, GOBook

This week, GOGO Worldwide Vacations announced by the end of the year the wholesaler will release the GoBook, a marketing tool for travel agents that will be available to all GOGO customers. In a partnership with the trip-planning and itinerary-building service, iZento, the GoBook will be available to help you develop online marketing and client deliverables through the creation of agency-branded, customized GOBook Trip Journals.

Leveraging iZento's patent-pending itinerary building technology, GOGO will create and update each GOBook based on the trip elements booked by the travel agent. Afterwards, travel agents can share the GOBook journals directly with their clients, no interaction required, or opt to tailor each itinerary by adding their logo and branding, a client message and GOGO tour and dining recommendations.

In the trip journal, clients will find traveler details, a trip calendar and air, car, hotel and transfer reservations, as well as detailed destination guides and city maps. Agents can share the journals via email and Facebook and print them from the GOGO site. GOBook trip journals will be available later this year to all agents who book through GOGO's website and call centers.

GOGO will also provide a list or "agent recommendations," including activities and attractions in top travel destinations worldwide, which agents can select to import into each journal.

Visit www.gogowwv.com.