Hawaii's Most Romantic Travel Recommendations

hawaii romance travelChances are when you ask your coupled clients (and even some wishful singles) to name their swoon-worthy destinations, Hawaii is a popular choice. Hawaii has consistently ranked among the leading destination weddings and honeymoons hot spots for years, which has fueled more romance-focused hotel programming and couples-only packages across the islands. The 2016 Hawaii Romance Travel Focus spotlights the most noteworthy offerings in accommodations, dining and wellness.

Readers can access over 30 advisor-approved recommendations, including the wedding venues with the most stunning views, where to find the best alcoholic aphrodisiacs and limited-time couples promotions. Plus, the travel planner provides an up-to-date look at hotel and resort options, from new oceanfront villas to revamped penthouses. 

Find all of the Hawaii Focus editions, including Hawaii Romance Travel, O'ahu, Maui, Hawaii Family Travel and Hawaii Celebration Travel at travelagentcentral.com/focus-series.