A Look at Oasis Hotel's Newly Renovated Sens Del Mar


Photo courtesy Oasis Hotels & Resorts

As part of our ongoing coverage of Oasis Hotels & Resorts Travel Agent was able to tour Sens Del Mar, which reopened December 15 after a $7 million renovation.

Although we still have a tour of Grand Oasis Palm slated for today, Sens Del Mar may be our favorite of the company's resorts. The property is basically an adults-only resort. Technically, it promotes itself as "adults oriented" since children are welcome at the resort but are charged the same price as an adult and have very limited - if any at all - activities to do at the resort. This, in our opinion, is a good trait as the resort's quiet and soothingatmosphere provides a great contrast to some of Oasis' louder, more vibrant properties.

The property consists of 388 rooms. They all basically have the same design and layout, but offer different views.

Our hands down favorite rooms, however, were any of the 44 rooms offering a plunge pool on the balcony. We were also very impressed that the resort includes in its rate the use of a Smart Car for all guests. Rates start at $120 per person, which is an excellent value for clients.

Book this resort for younger couples looking for a quiet, relaxing getaway in perhaps Mexico's most hyper, revitalized destination.

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