On AgentNation: What's Your Site Inspection Checklist?

hotel inspectionluv2tvl, one of hundreds of users at AgentNation, the only online social community for all kinds of travel agents, is looking to help a newcomer to her agency with some research guidelines. At a discussion thread in the community, she asks:

I am looking for a sample hotel site inspection checklist to give to a new agent in our office.  I have not done a formal site inspection in years.

I'm no agent, obviously, so I don't think my ideas of what to look for are the best. But in the interest of stimulating some feedback, I'll share a few thoughts.

As a web guy, Internet access always important for me— especially if it's WiFi so I can have freedom with the laptop and avoid business centers or being confined to a plug in a wall. An "exit strategy" so that the transfer to the airport, train station etc is as seamless and stress free as possible is a biggie for me as well. Does the hotel offer expedited check-out options? Is there a direct shuttle to where I am going for the transfer? If renting a car, can the staff suggest the quickest route?

If it's a beach resort, what kind of watersports and beach activities are available (free or not)? If it's a ski resort, what's the apres ski atmosphere like nearby and does the property offer assistance in rentals, lessons and mountain access?

I'd like to know the more meticulous and underrated details to look for, and I'm sure readers and agents would as well. So please share your thoughts by posting a comment below, sending a tweet to our Twitter page (@travelagentmag), joining luv2tvl's discussion thread at AgentNation or by writing us at our Facebook page— where Allan Hoffman wrote:

The last on I used for a group was obtained by the American Hotel and Motel association thru ASTA I hope this helps

We want to hear from you.

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