Celebrating 80 Years: Swiss Ski Resorts in 1953

Rise in Winter Business in Swiss Ski Areas to ContinueWhen making a list of the world's top skiing destinations, Switzerland invariably makes the top 10. Visions of chalets and other-worldly snow dance across our imagination coupled with our well-conditioned taste buds for the more ready availability of Swiss chocolate.

Chocolate - and fondue - aside, Switzerland has long enjoyed its reputation among the winter greats. When we covered it in 1953, seasonal business was hitting post-war highs, and winter rates and flights combined to make the Alpine country one of the most exclusive destinations. (Read the full article here.) Thankfully, for us, time has made neither the slopes nor our enthusiasm for Swiss slopes any duller, and today we count among our picks, ski resorts like Davos-Klosters, Arosa, Grindelwald and Gstaad, as well as Adelboden, Engelberg and Blatten-Belalp.

As we celebrate our 80th anniversary, we're taking a look at what was happening in the industry in the past and asking agents to share their thoughts on what has changed in the industry up until the present. So please share your thoughts by posting a comment below, writing us at our Facebook page, sending a tweet to our Twitter page or by engaging in a discussion in real time at AgentNation (the only social community online for all kinds of travel agents, which certainly wasn't around 80 years ago). We want to hear from you.

And while you're here, learn more about how we're celebrating eight decades of covering the travel industry for travel professionals.

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