Crestline Hotels & Resorts Promotes Executives


Hoganson // (c) Crestline Hotels & Resorts 2011

James Carroll, president and CEO for Crestline Hotels & Resorts, announced the promotion of three senior management executives: Edward Hoganson, who rejoined Crestline Hotels & Resorts in 2007, will assume the position of Executive Vice President of Finance & Business Development; Carolee Ettline Moore, who joined Crestline in 2000, is promoted to Vice President of Sales; and Ryan Hymel, who joined Crestline in 2004, is promoted to Director of Finance & Business Development.

"Each of these individuals has made an unparalleled contribution to the ongoing success of Crestline Hotels & Resorts," said Carroll. "We particularly appreciate their dedication and hard work during the past two years during trying economic conditions. Crestline's ongoing success is in large part because of their diligence, insight and leadership capabilities.”