Exclusive: Real Hotels & Resorts Looks to Expand to Brazil, Peru

ANTIGUA, Guatemala – As part of our coverage of the Centro America Travel Market Guatemala, Travel Agent sat down with a representative of Real Hotels & Resorts and learned of the company’s plans to expand to Brazil and Peru.

Ignacio Gomez, marketing and sales director for the Real Intercontinental Guatemala, told us that the company is looking into the possibility of opening a Marriott hotel in Brazil and possibly an Intercontinental hotel in Peru, although neither deal has been finalized.

“We don’t know if these hotels will be Choice, Marriott or Intercontinental (the three brands Real oversees),” Gomez told us, noting that a Marriott would make the most sense in Brazil. “But we don’t have an Intercontinental in Peru, so that would make the most sense.”

Gomez says a decision on what brands would be positioned in those countries would be made soon.

The news comes on the heels of Real Hotels & Resorts’ recent announcement to open between 10-15 Choice hotels in Central America, including three in Guatemala. All of the Choice properties in Central America should be finished within the next three years, he told us.

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