Grenada’s Director of Tourism for the U.S.: Sandals’ Acquisition of LaSource Could Mean More Flights to Destination

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – As part of our recent coverage of the newly re-branded Luxury Travel Exchange International (LTX), Travel Agent sat down with Christine Noel-Horsford, director for the Grenada Board of Tourism’s U.S. division, and learned that Grenada officials are optimistic that a new Sandals resort on the island could equate to more direct flights.

“This is a very exciting time for everyone in Grenada,” says Noel-Horsford. “We are very excited about the possibility of new flights and also very excited about the brand recognition that Sandals brings to the destination.”

Earlier this month, Sandals Resorts International announced it would be expanding to Grenada with the sale of LaSource, a popular luxury resort that officially closed its doors recently due to lingering financial woes. Travel Agent first got word that Sandals was planning a move to Grenada last year when we sat down with Adam Stewart, CEO of Sandals Resorts International.

Stewart told us back then that Sandals was considering expansions to both Barbados and Grenada. And with Grenada already confirmed, agents should keep on eye on a possible Sandals expansion to Barbados.

“Whether this is two years from now or five years from now, these are two destinations we can definitely see ourselves in,” Stewart told us back in June of last year. “When we looked at them, we looked at the usual things we look for in finding a great location for a resort, mainly a great beach."

LaSource, the 100-room resort on Pink Gin Beach, reopened in February of 2008 after drawn out renovations and improvements to repair massive structural damage caused by Hurricane Ivan in 2004.

“If there was a ever a time where it looked like we would get some more direct flights to Grenada, this is it,” says Noel-Horsford. “A brand like Sandals can make that kind of an impact.”

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