Hotels Step Fill The Toiletry Void; Crest at Avis Counters

Now that most liquids and gels have been banned from carry-on luggage, hotels and other travel companies are stepping in to make sure their usually patrons don't have to go without hair gel and face cream, The Wall Street Journal reports. Some high-end companies are going beyond typical drugstore fare and are giving away pricier department-store brands. Omni Hotels is now giving guests free Kiehl's face moisturizer, Sephora French Manicure Kits and Aveda lip gloss. Over the weekend the luxury hotel chain's management sent out an urgent request to their employees: find high-quality toiletries to please affluent guests. Employees rushed to local department stores and bought up bottles of cosmetics and toiletries. Hotels are now displaying baskets at check of available free products. New Jersey-based Wyndham Hotels & Resorts said it would add contact lens solution, hair spray, hair gel and bottled water to the list of complimentary items it offers guests upon request. Marriott Hotels is in the process of adding toiletries to their Virtual Concierge service that allows customers to go online before a trip and pick which free amenities will be waiting for them upon arrival. Even rental car companies are racing to fill the toiletry void left by the new airport security restrictions that prevent travelers from bringing most liquid or gel products in carry-on luggage throughout the U.S. Avis and Procter & Gamble will be giving away Crest products to travelers renting from Avis at the country's busiest 25 airports starting tomorrow. The products will be waiting in the vehicles for members of the Avis Preferred counter by-pass program. A supply of products, available to all customers, will be offered at the counter as well.

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