Hotwire Report Reveals Hotel Values by Destination has released the results of the April 2010 Hotwire Hotel Rate Report, which can aid agents in selecting hotels for clients seeking the best value. This monthly report features the top 10 cities in North America where hotel rates have dropped the most.

San Diego takes the number one spot for the first time with an 11 percent drop. Many San Diego-area hotels continue to price competitively and drop rates in order to attract close-in leisure bookings. expects to see this pattern continue in San Diego for the next couple of months, with rates potentially picking up in the summer.

This month's other big mover is Detroit, which makes its debut on the list at number three with an 8 percent drop mostly due to pricing factors from last year. Detroit has been consistently offering great deals. However, the city saw an influx of travelers come into town for the NCAA Finals in April 2009, and that price spike makes the 2010 drop-off that much higher.

Making a welcome return is Las Vegas, back on the list with a five percent drop. With the newly opened CityCenter and the slow season approaching, Vegas is offering plenty of deals on luxury stays.

When compared to the same time last year, the top 10 hotel price reductions for April 2010 include:

1. San Diego
2. Oahu
3. Detroit
4. Kansas City
5. Nashville
6. Houston
7. Las Vegas
8. Miami/Ft. Lauderdale
9. Philadelphia
10. Baltimore


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