Iberostar Launches New Program for Kids, Teens

(Photo by Iberostar Hotels & Resorts)

Iberostar Hotels & Resorts has launched a new entertainment program for children and teenagers: Star Camp. Based on a format that aims to combine entertainment and values, the new program offers more than 140 activities designed to encourage growth and development based on values that also form part of the chain’s philosophy: cooperation, empathy, healthy habits, development of technological awareness, value of diversity and environmental care.

With an appearance that aims to be reminiscent of the Scout movement, this program is rooted in sound pedagogical principles and applies Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, which includes a range of intelligences (linguistic, musical, logical-mathematical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalistic, bodily-kinesthetic and spatial) for the correct development of the human being.

The Star Camp kids’ program includes more than 140 activities divided into 12 categories: physical leisure activities; precision and accuracy activities; team sports; social events; group challenges; activities related to the surroundings; artistic expression; creative handicrafts; board games, learning activities; polyvalent activities and shows; scientific activities and technology-based activities.

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Minors are grouped by ages and work on the intelligences and values in ways tailored to meet their abilities and interests. The Monkeys group targets children aged between 4 and 7 years; Dolphins is for those between ages 8 and 12; while 13 to 17-year-olds are included in the Eagles group. 

With these new activities, the ‘stars’ of the new Star Camp will be able to hone in on their culinary skills with a cooking program; discover their artistic side by forming teams to recreate works of art; put their senses to the test, just like in the trendiest restaurants, guessing the ingredients in the dishes featured in the Sensory Menu; film their own short movie; become journalists or publicists for the day or star in their own impromptu video clip; work with clay to bring out the artist in them; accept a Mission (im)possible, crossing an obstacle course while blindfolded with only their fellow team members for help; take an eco-friendly hike; dream up and create a robot; or figure out how to get out of a Roomscape.

Additionally, the educational initiatives for children under the Star Camp program include one day a week dedicated entirely to the oceans. This day includes activities, such as hunting for microplastics on the beach or handicraft sessions using recycled materials. Throughout the day, the fun and games provide an opportunity to learn about the environment through play, while boosting the company’s commitment to sustainability. 

On arrival at the Star Camp, each child will receive a kit containing equipment. Once they have finished their activities, the younger children in the Monkeys and Dolphins groups will stamp the ‘countries’ they have visited (identifying the various intelligences or aptitudes) on their very own passport, while the older children in the Eagles group will receive colored bracelets for the various tasks (and intelligences) they complete. To raise group awareness and encourage teamwork, Iberostar has also created exclusive and personalized spaces for the Monkeys, Dolphins and Eagles groups, providing each child with a venue to meet up and have fun with young people of their own age.

The new children’s activity program will be offered at all Iberostar hotels starting this summer.

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