Marriott Offers Leisure, Business Travel Incentives to Gulf Region

Marriott International is throwing its support behind travel to the United States coastline along the Gulf of Mexico with a variety of incentives and options in case of a beach closure due to the oil spill. Through Labor Day, the Marriott Beach Guarantee offers a hotel credit, valued at 50 percent of the room rate, to business and leisure guests who stay for each day a beach is officially closed. Guests holding advance purchase reservations at participating hotels may cancel prior to arrival and receive a full refund if the beach is closed during their stay.

Marriott is working with groups scheduled to hold events or meetings on an individual basis to explore a variety of options should there be a beach closure, which may include waiving cancellation fees, rights to early departure and hotel credits or discounts on items or services at the hotel, such as food, beverages or spa treatments.

For complete terms and conditions and a list of participating hotels please visit the Marriott News Center at