Pioneering RMS Wins Premier Inn for Amadeus

Amadeus reports a groundbreaking new model of Amadeus’ best-selling RMS (revenue management system) for Premier Inn, the UK’s largest hotel chain. The new version gives Premier Inn a unique insight into customer behavior, significantly improving occupancy levels throughout the year and guiding sales and marketing activities, Amadeus said.

Premier Inn is Amadeus’ largest RMS implementation to date. It will roll out across 556 hotels and increase the number of hotels using Amadeus RMS by close to 50 percent to 1,450 hotels.

The system automatically monitors every booking made at a property. Feeding reservation history through Amadeus’ advanced algorithms, the RMS can predict not only the number of guests who will want to book on any given day, but also how long they will want to stay. As a result, hoteliers can now choose between a guest booking today for a short stay and the guest who will book tomorrow but stay longer.

“After four years in research and development, our system is now so accurate that hoteliers can keep rooms free with confidence, knowing that longer-stay guests will book the same room a day later,” says Bernard Rannou, head of development, hospitality business group for Amadeus.”

“This new tool better positions us to fully optimize the value of our properties, while its statistical reports offer crucial business insights,” commented Warren Mandelbaum, head of revenue management for Whitbread Hotels & Restaurants.


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