Top 5 Most Dangerous Holiday Locations


You know those places that you hear about on the news and you’re warned not to go to?  

Yeah, these are them.

Aside from constantly worrying about your personal safety, you’re more likely to get robbed, threatened, or even murdered than having a nice relaxing vacation.  So if you’re not into bodily harm, its best to leave these alone.

1. Durban, South Africa
Not even the locals are safe here, and taxi chauffeurs are regularly murdered and robbed carrying tourists.

2. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Welcome to a city where you’re just as likely to get robbed by one of its “cops” as you are by any one if its notorious gangs.

3. Nairobi, Kenya
This beautiful and alluring city is unfortunately plagued by crime created by the vast discrepancy in wealth between its ultra-rich and nearly starving residents.

4. Playa el Agua, Isla Margarita
This is a popular coastal destination that seems to attract tourists and criminals in equal numbers.

5. Caracas, Venezuela
Once again poverty serves as a hotbed of criminal corruption and violence.  Robberies at gunpoint are common.