Trips to Space, the Final Frontier

For your clients who have been just about everywhere, how’s this for a vacation? Sweden's famous Ice Hotel says it will start including tickets for Virgin Galactic's space trips in its offerings to tourists. According to the Associated Press, the trips, from nearby Kiruna, the northernmost city in Sweden, will start in 2012 if tests with Virgin's spaceships go according to plan.

Ice Hotel spokesman Roland Sand said that tourists will be able to chose whether to go through the winter season's aurora borealis or the midnight sun of Swedish summer.

According to Virgin's website, tickets for its first trips will start at $200,000. (No word yet on whether that will be commissionable.) Virgin is also planning space trips from New Mexico.

The Ice Hotel is a pretty exotic destination on its own, where guests combine one cold night in an “ice” room with several warm nights in our hotel rooms or hotel chalets. For more information, visit


A "cold" accommodation at Ice Hotel.

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