How Is Russia Improving Security?

Two back-to-back bombings last week raised concerns over Russia's ability to prevent acts of terrorism and to keep visitors and locals safe, the country's. These concerns are especially prevalent as the Olympic games in Sochi are due to begin in just a few weeks. 

According to, Russia's government is launching a massive effort to screen and monitor both participants and visiting spectators to Sochi. The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB), the country's primary counter-terrorism and security agency (formerly known as the KGB) will issue spectator passes that include mandatory background checks to all ticket-holders. (A background check will also be required for anyone applying for a tourism visa). 

Other security measures will include controlled zones around the Olympic Park and checkpoints along the Sochi and Adler coast where police can inspect anyone passing through. And while the safety and security efforts may well keep visitors safer, the article does raise an important question: "What happens to the rest of Russia when all its cops are stuck in one place?"

Take a look at the list of security initiatives in and around Sochi, and sound off in the comments about how you keep your clients safe when they travel to tumultuous territories.