How to Stay Healthy on the Road

business travelerThe GBTA recently predicted that business travel would grow by 1.7 percent this year  to approximately 461 million trips. Citi's Women & Co. shared a few tips and tricks to help frequent fliers on these trips stay in the best possible shape.

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Stay Healthy Before Departure 

Nicole Williams, founder of the career advice site Works by Nicole Williams, recommends preparing for your trip by getting as much sleep as possible, drinking more water than caffeine, and eating extra-healthy foods in the days leading up to  departure—and onboard. This, she said, would help avoid jet lag. 

Pack Light

Maxie McCoy of career services startup LevoLeague  recommends having a few “go-to” wardrobe ensembles at the ready—perhaps just five outfits with “mix-and-match essentials” and only one or two pairs of shoes. This, she said, keeps carry-on luggage light and makes it easy to choose what to wear each day. 

Stick With Your Routine 

Travel consultant Peter Greenberg notes that travel may interrupt healthy at-home routines, like proper diet and exercise. Even getting the necessary amount of sleep, he says, can become a luxury on the road. “You have to find small but essential ways to bring sanity back into your day and to maintain your lifestyle on location,” he says, suggesting visiting grocery stores to pick up healthy snacks and choosing hotels that have gyms.