InFlight Labs, LLC, Set to Release In-Flight Emergency Technology

InFlight Labs, LLC is releasing a new Inflight Emergency-911 Service that will help airline pilots and staff alert up to 100 government personnel simultaneously during a crisis.

With one touch, an airline pilot or flight crew member can access a secure network which gives them immediate two-way communication between the aircraft and the Inflight 911 Services administrative team via an iPad. Communications are also simultaneously transmitted to the mobile and/or computer devices of 100 government personnel, such as the FAA, Homeland Security, FEMA, FBI, CIA, e911 and related agencies. Inflight 911 Services web interface stores more than 18 points of information in an encrypted format about the flight details, air crew and current crisis situation. Upgrades include 2,000 character messages, a live InFlight audio and streaming video, speech recognition software for message entry and embedded geo-location coordinates in the message body.

"We envision several iPads being available throughout the aircraft from the cockpit through the cabin ready to be used as a source of air-to-ground communication during an in-air emergency," said Joseph Bekanich, spokesperson for InFlight Labs.

The service is scheduled for release later this year.