Live Like a Local: Behind The Scenes at Napa's Best Establishments

Chef Ken

The City of Napa is launching a new group of experiences that give visitors the opportunity to participate in favorite local activities. DoNapa Behind the Scenes will occur every Wednesday from February through April. During that time, guests will participate in theater vocal lessons, take back stage tours, learn to properly pair cheese and beer, take garden tours, have art experiences, participate in wine blending classes and learn to make chocolate.

For those interested in the vocal lessons, head to Uptown Theatre Napa (, the city’s premier live entertainment venue. A local vocal coach will teach guests to perform on stage. Travelers will also experience the ins and outs of a live production, including a session to see how the theater prepares its equipment.

We like the idea of visiting the Whole Spice Company (, which is filled with exotic spices from around the world. Here, guests will take part in a spice tutorial and even blend some of the rare spices. The food theme doesn’t end there, as visitors can then head downtown to Napa’s Michelin-starred restaurant, La Toque ( Chef Ken Frank will create new signature dishes exclusively for the group, providing guests with an original tasting. This experience also comes with the chance to learn how to pair the perfect wine to match different culinary dishes.

Other DoNapa classes will be held at the gardens of Napa River Inn (, Anette’s Chocolate & Ice Cream Factory (, Tarla Mediterranean Grill (, Cake Plate Fashion (, Oxbow Cheese & Wine Merchant ( and Uncorked at Oxbow.

To book an activity, guests need to book a stay at a City of Napa lodging property ( and receive a link to purchase their tickets. Tickets range between $30 and $40 per person.