Los Cabos Update: Most Stranded Tourists Have Left

According to the Independent Online, the Mexican resort community of Los Cabos still has "no water, no electricity and almost nothing to eat" one week after Hurricane Odile caused an estimated $1 billion in damage with 125-mph winds.

Photo courtesy of Twitter member @LUISFELIPE_P

The death toll from the storm has been raised to four people, officials said, including two South Korean tourists whose car was swept away in the flood, a German who died in a boat, and a British woman whose body was found on Saturday.

NBC is reporting that most Americans who were stranded in Los Cabos following the hurricane were on their way home by Saturday, according to the U.S. Embassy in Mexico, although officials did not provide exact numbers of how many people remain in the area. U.S military planes were sent for a handful of Americans, but many who were left behind worried about looters, the lack of cellphone service and lawlessness, and some left on their own.

The U.S. Embassy assured visitors that "anyone remaining in the area who wishes to leave should be able to find a flight out of the area." But many who were trying to get out this week complained about the lack of immediate aid from U.S. officials, and some complained that they would be charged $600 for chartered flights back home through the U.S. government.