Malaria Vaccine Passes Initial Tests; More Are Needed Before Approval

blue ribbonAmazing medical news today: According to CNN, U.S. researchers are claiming that they have successfully tested a vaccine for malaria. The tests, so far, have been on a small group of volunteers, but large-scale tests are expected to begin soon. 

Unlike the oral pills travelers usually take while visiting malaria-prone zones, the vaccine involves multiple, intravenous injections of a weakened form of the disease. Scientists from the National Institutes of Health, the Navy, Army and other organizations were involved in the trials, and researchers have noted that while the results were promising, more extensive field testing will be required.

The mosquito-borne tropical disease kills about 1 million people a year and sickens more than 200 million. There is no current cure or vaccine, although there are several pills that can help prevent people from contracting the disease on a temporary basis. 

Stay tuned to for more updates on the vaccine and when it will be available to travelers.