MGM Grand Begins Remodel

The MGM Grand showed off remodeling plans for its suites and rooms. The $160 million remodel includes all 3,570 guest rooms and 642 suites in the hotel's main tower. The newly remodeled rooms and suites will use environmentally responsible elements including LED lighting; improved thermostats and solar shades to better manage temperature and guest comfort.

"For us, a guestroom should be your home away from home," said Tim Kelly, VP of hotel operations for MGM Grand. "Just like homes are evolving, so should our guestrooms. We have to make sure we have the comforts, functionality and technology one would find in his home today."

By upgrading the guestroom technology in each room, the MGM Grand hopes to accomodate guests who want to bring entertainment back to their room. "The renovation actually extends beyond the room to encompass the guest elevators hallway," said Kelly. "The renovation is to guestrooms is really comprehensive as it involvs all 4212 guestrooms and suites. We've started and anticipated being completed by the end of September 2012. The design is transitional and the look is more or less traditional, but we also blending in some contemporary colors that are very warm and relaxing while capturing the energy of what MGM is all about: Entertainment."

Remodeling is expected to conclude by September 2012.