MReport: Learn to Sell to Well-Traveled Millennial Travelers

mreport logoAccording to a recent panel at Virtuoso Travel Week in Las Vegas, more than half of the people in the United States earning $250,000 a year are under the age of 40. That means Millennial travelers form a big slice of the travel pie, but the unique, social media-savvy characteristics of this market can make selling to it a challenge. 

That's why Travel Agent is launching the MReport newsletter, aimed at bringing travel advisors the latest insights on how to gain affluent Millennial clients and sell to them. We'll be rounding up the latest product news, such as hip, buzzworthy hotel openings and renovations, as well as opportunities for socially conscious clients to make a difference while traveling (a major theme for this demographic). The newsletter will also have travel tips on the latest hot spots to recommend in a given destination -- think undiscovered rooftop bars and other off-the-beaten-path attractions -- plus in-depth research on what drives the Millennial mindset. 

The MReport will be published every Wednesday. To subscribe, complete the form below: