New Walking Tours Launched in Edinburgh

Context Travel, which already hosts "walking seminars" in cities like Rome, Paris and New York, is expanding its service to Edinburgh. Working with local historians, Context will open with six tours to get a behind-the-scenes look at Edinburgh's history and heritage.

As with its tours elsewhere, Context will cap its group walks in Edinburgh at six participants, among the lowest group size in the walking tour industry. Most walks will last three hours and will be led by local Ph.D.-level scholars and other experts.

Initial offerings include tours such as: Worship and Religion, History of Medicine, and the Miracle of Glasgow. The latter is a day trip to Glasgow, exploring its contemporary art scene. The History of Medicine walk focuses on the period between 1751 and 1800, when Edinburgh was a major center of medical science, home to discoveries in anesthesia and antisepsis, and to such famous practitioners as Alexander Fleming, Elsie Inglis (pioneer in women's medicine), and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who evolved his method of detecting criminals from his Scottish medical tutor.

Walks will be offered both privately on request and as regularly scheduled group walks.

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