Nominate Yourself! Are You a Successful Travel Consultant Under the Age of 30?

A number of newcomers to the travel agency community have made it big. They’ve succeeded in launching lucrative careers because they’ve used their entrepreneurial skills to approach the art of selling travel in ways that generations before never thought were possible.

Many have also succeeded because they’ve had great mentors in the form of their agency owner, manager, or consortia head who have shared their vast expanse of knowledge with them.

Travel Agent is looking for 30 of these individuals.­

Age, however, is not the only qualifying factor. To be a part of this exclusive section, you must be able to detail the  achievements that you feel have made you a successful travel consultant.

­Here’s how it works, in five easy steps:

1. Only you can nominate yourself. Provide us with your name, agency, agency location, e-mail and phone number....and your age.

2. Tell us about yourself.
     * What is your background?
     * What did you study in school?
     * What is your former professional background?
     * What do you love most about selling travel?
     * What is the most interesting travel you’ve sold lately?
     * Who are your clients?
     * Where have you traveled?
     * How do you feel about being a travel agent?
     * What agency or industry accolades have your received for your efforts?

3. Provide us with a 100-word endorsement from your agency owner/manager or consortia head (if you own your own business). Include the name, title and email of endorser.

4. In 100 words or less, describe what you have done to overcome the challenges of the recent economic downturn.

5. Provide us with a jpeg photo of yourself, hopefully in an exotic destination you’ve been able to visit. This photo must be no less than 300 pixels per inch in resolution and no smaller than three inches on its shortest side.

6. Send your information via our online submission form or send all information plus photo to us at [email protected].

The editorial team at Travel Agent magazine will select those 30 Under 30 candidates we believe are the industry’s top rising stars.

Hurry, the deadline to submit is Monday, October 3.

Note: We salute our winners from previous years and we respectfully ask that if you have already been chosen as one of our 30 Under 30 superstars that you not apply again. Thank you!

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