VP Sales Theresa Gatta Leaves Travel Impressions

janet heinz
Janet Heinz

16-year company veteran Theresa Gatta, who most recently served as Travel Impressions' VP of sales, has left the company. Travel Impressions has announced that Senior Sales Director Janet Heinz and Senior Director of Field Sales Sheri Pasternak will be co-heading the organization's sales operation. 

“Theresa Gatta’s leadership had an instrumental impact on our growth in recent years at Travel Impressions. Her positive attitude, work ethic and passion helped inspire our sales team to exceed agents’ expectations, but at the end of the day, the family and personal lives of even our most valued team members come first,” said Jeff Clarke, president of Travel Impressions

sheri pasternak
Sheri Pasternak

Heinz and Pasternak have a combined 45 years of industry experience to draw from as they oversee the sales team on an interim basis.

Heinz has been with the company since January 2000 and now serves as senior director of sales. She brings two decades of sales experience to Travel Impressions, having served as regional sales manager for Air Jamaica prior to joining the team.

Pasternak was recently brought onboard by Gatta in March 2015 to evolve and drive strong growth and unique customer opportunities after a long career in leadership roles at GEM and Cruiselink, prior to joining the Royal Caribbean family of cruise brands, where she took on the role of director of sales for Celebrity Cruises.

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