Podcast: Switzerland Tourism Highlights New Offerings and Experiences

Find out all that’s new in Switzerland in this lively podcast!

You’ll come away with a multitude of reasons to suggest this exciting, pristine destination to everyone on your client list.

Our conversation covers every topic, from food and wine to ease of access throughout Switzerland.

Want a peek into what’s revealed? Travelers are looking for experiences to remember these days and visiting Lindt’s new shop in Kilchburg, Switzerland, just 10 minutes from Zurich should be on every chocolate lover’s list. This will be not only the largest Lindt chocolate shop in the world, it will also have the largest chocolate fountain across the globe.

And….It's easier than ever to get to Switzerland from the United States; on March 29th, Swiss International Airlines launches a new daily non-stop flight from Washington DC to Zurich. The move supplements an already robust offering of 130 weekly flights from the U.S. to Switzerland.

Listen as Paolo Lunardi, Switzerland’s manager of trade relations for North America reveals his list of insider secrets about traveling to this beautiful country in a conversation with Ruthanne Terrero of Travel Agent magazine and Luxury Travel Advisor.