Qatar to Launch Modesty Campaign for Visitors

Here's an interesting story from the Middle East: Qatar is launching a campaign that will encourage men and women to dress more modestly in public places. 

According to Doha News, the campaign, previously called “One of Us” when it began in 2012, has been renamed “Reflect your Respect,” and will restart in June, with a weekend of leafleting in public parks and malls. 

Courtesy reflect_respect's Twitter feed

Spokeswoman Umm Abdullah told the paper that the name had been changed because many expats had responded to the previous slogan by arguing that they did not feel like they are part of Qatari society. The new slogan would call for expats and visitors to “respect” local cultural values by covering their shoulders, midriffs and knees, she explained.

Abdullah acknowledged that visitors to Qatar may not want to abide by cultural norms. She noted that when she travels to other countries, she makes an effort to fit in with local styles (for example, she does not wear a niqab in France), and feels that it is reasonable to expect visitors to Qatar to show the same cultural respect.