Report: At Least 1.5 Million People Lose Power in Puerto Rico

puerto rico blackout
Photo by AP Photo/Carlos Giusti/Via Newscred

Several media outlets are reporting that a good chunk of Puerto Rico’s 3.5 million population is currently without power. 

According to ABC News, a “massive” blackout hit Puerto Rico Wednesday afternoon, leaving at least 1.5 million people without power overnight and into the following day. 

According to that report, repair crews are trying to restore electricity on the island after a fire at Aguirre power plant blacked out the entire U.S. territory.

According to USA Today, two transmission lines, with power running up to 230,000 volts, failed, the Electric Power Authority said. 

According to the USA Today report, officials expect power to be restored by Thursday. Airports, police stations and water plants are expected to receive first priority when the power resumes on Thursday

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