Report: Baha Mar Ltd. Accuses Chinese Contractor of Stealing Documents

The Tribune is reporting that Baha Mar Ltd. has accused China Construction America’s (CCA) on-site staff of allegedly trying to remove important documents and computers from the compound.

Accoriding to the report, the documents are essential to the resort’s assessment of what remains of the construction process to allow for an opening date to be set.

According to a motion filed in Delaware’s Bankruptcy Court last week and obtained by The Tribune, Baha Mar said these actions have raised reasonable concern – adding that it believes CCA may have been using false accounting practices to enlarge its costs and expenses.

Baha Mar said a preliminary review of accounting records kept in CCA’s offices on site appear to consist of large amounts of reimbursement applications by CCA’s and subcontractors’ employees, “but the underlying records suggest these expenses appear to have been incurred for personal expenditures such as cosmetics and groceries,” the court document said.

According to the report, a female CCA employee was caught by security trying to remove documents by placing them under her clothing, the court filing said.

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