Report: Caribbean Urged to Brace for Heavy Hurricane Activity

Photo by Jones

The Jamaica Observer is reporting that a a two-day Caribbean Regional Climate Outlook Forum (CariCOF) began in Dominica earlier this week with the region being told to brace itself for a wetter than usual season and chances of more hurricane activity this year than in the past five years.

Annie Carrette-Jospeh, a climatologist with the Dominica Meteorologist Service (DMS), who presented the "Wet/Hurricane Season Outlook for 2016," said that between the period of June and August, there would also be a gradual drought alleviation across the region and that “surface water reservoirs will recharge, there will be soil moisture replenishment and an increase in river flow," according to the report. 

According to the Jamaica Observer, she predicted that water shortage-related problems in agriculture will disappear in many places and that “where it has not already started, the wet season may start abruptly in June”.

The outlook noted that the second half of the wet season will be wetter or unusual in countries like Belize and the Leeward Islands, with Carrette-Joseph warning that “moist conditions may favor mosquito breeding."

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