Report: CDC Issues Travel Warning as Zika Virus Is Reported in Puerto Rico

Photo by Nahly

Caribbean360 is reporting that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have issued a travel warning following the first reported case of Zika virus in Puerto Rico.

According to the report, the outbreak of the mosquito-borne virus began in Brazil last May, followed by outbreaks in several Central and South American countries, according to the CDC warning.

A “locally transmitted” case was seen in Puerto Rico in December, which means, the CDC says, that Puerto Rico’s mosquitos have been infected with the virus and can spread it to humans, according to Caribbean360.

Puerto Rico’s Health Secretary Ana Rius confirmed on Thursday that the unidentified patient, who lives in the island’s eastern region, had not travelled recently.

No vaccine or medicine exists to prevent Zika virus infection, the CDC says, and advises seeing a doctor or nurse if you “develop a fever with a rash, joint pain, or red eyes.”

According to CNN, microcephaly is “a neurological disorder that can result in incomplete brain development in new-borns.” The news network said babies with the disorder are “born with abnormally small heads that cause often serious developmental issues and sometimes early death.”

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