Report: Eurail Pass Sales Increase

Eurail Group G.I.E., the organization that manages the Eurail Passes, reports that more than 183,000 non-Europeans traveled with a Eurail Pass from January through May of 2012. Eurail Global Pass sales increased by 9.4 percent and Eurail Select Pass sales increased by 5 percent compared to 2011.

At present, the Eurail Global Pass is valid in 23 countries and can be used on 138,000 miles of track in today's European network, whereas the Eurail Select Pass provides unlimited rail travel through three, four or five adjoining Eurail countries, with 24 different countries participating in this offer.

Eurail Group also reports that Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France and Austria were the most popular countries for Eurail Global & Select Pass holders in 2011.

2011 Most Popular Countries (Global Pass):
1 Germany
2 Italy
3 Switzerland
4 France
5 Austria
6 Netherlands
7 Spain
8 Belgium
9 Czech Republic
10 Hungary

2011 Most Popular Countries (Select Pass - 3 countries):
1 Germany
2 Switzerland
3 Italy
4 France
5 Austria
6 Spain
7 Belgium
8 Netherlands
9 Czech Republic
10 Denmark

There are currently four types of Eurail Passes offered to suit the travel needs of non-European travelers: the Eurail Global Pass for travel in 23 member countries; the Eurail Select Pass, valid in three, four or five adjoining countries; the Eurail Regional Pass, restricted to small groups of neighboring countries; and the Eurail One Country Pass, good for exploring a single country.